AstroTech - The future of Space Exploration

Scientific Article - Adrien DUMONT

Space exploration and astronomy has been a fascination since my childhood for me. This is why, in this article we will see what I personally think is the future if Space Exploration. Are we going to conquer Mars ? Colonize the Moon ? These are the questions that we will be answering here.

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Featured Projects - 2021

ThedispardCoin - First Blockchain Algorithm

These past few years (and even months) the world of cryptocurrencies as been exploding at a very impressive rate with famous project such as BitCoin or Ethereum. Understanding the blockchain technology becomes therefore essential.

This is why I decided to create a local cryptocurrency called the Thedispard (Théo+Adrien+Gaspard) Coin with two of my friends.

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AITech - AI in your browser

The world of Artificial Intelligence has been exploding these recent years. However, one downside that is usually pointed out is the calculus power needed in order to run a simple neural network algorithm.

This is why integrating AI algorithms directly into the browser has been a big challenge these past few years.

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